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You can be assured your

pets are in safe hands

The full range of specialist orthopaedic equipment is provided to permit accurate Fracture repair techniques, Arthroscopy, Joint surgery, Total Hip Replacement, Spinal surgery and Corrective Osteotomy surgery for Angular Limb Deformities to be undertaken.


We utilise orthopaedic equipment produced by the world leading specialist orthopaedic equipment manufacturers such as Stryker, Hall /3M, Synthes, Kyon, Imex,  Arthrex, Valleylab, Arthrocare, which far exceed standard veterinary equipment.

Why Choose our Clinic?

• Fully dedicated, Orthopaedic focused service  

• Friendly knowledgeable and helpful staff 

• Experienced surgeons qualified with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 

• Dedicated, caring & Qualified nursing staff 

• Convenient opening hours- open 8.30am-7pm 

• Competitively priced 

• Direct Insurance claims permitted, free assistance with your insurance claim 

• Providing orthopaedic referrals for over 14 years for over 100 Veterinary Practices throughout Ireland

• Members of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) 

• Continuity of care- see the same surgeon vet each time you visit

• Free off road parking 

• Member of British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association (BVOA) since 1996.

• Member of European Society of Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology (ESVOT)

Why Refer your Patients to VetOrtho Referrals?

Support to You, the Referring Practice

We aim to support you with the care of your client and their pets during their referral to us, knowing that we are readily available by telephone to discuss their ongoing treatments and aftercare.

Client Convenience
Our out of city, central NI location and convenience to M1 motorway makes for a shorter and easier journey for your client and their pet which may have multiple trauma.

Client Affordability
As always it is ideal when a client's pet is insured but many are not. We offer an affordable orthopaedic referral service without sacrifice of quality.

Your client Loyalty
Our emphasis is on working with the referring vet ensuring early return of client & patient to their own practice post op.

Quality of service
Cases for referral are treated as a priority and seen immediately.

Advise on cases and radiographs to referring vets

Approachable assistance on emailed radiographs given to referring practices as and when required

Dr Ewing Walker BVM&S Cert SAS MRCVS
Vet Orthopaedic Referrals



Our Range of Orthopaedic Procedures:


External fixators- Imex linear and circular llizarov type fixators (CESF),
AO/ASIF plating and salter/harris growth plate separations.
Head & jaw fractures, pelvic and limb fractures

Joint Surgery & Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy, Osteochrondrosis / OCD
Elbow dysplasia: Fragmented coronoid process (FCP) / medial coronoid disease-  Fragment removal & Subtotal Coronoid Ostectomy (SCO), Ununited anconeal process (UAP), cartilage disease OCD of the medial humeral condyle,
Shoulder OCD/ Shoulder Instability/ injury to medial glenohumeral collateral ligament / Bicipital tenodyovitis

Articular fractures

Cruciate Surgery

TPLO Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy, TTA Tibial Tuberosity Advancement,  TTO Triple tibial osteotomy. Lateral fabellar suture (LFS) technique method. Surgery for meniscal injury


Medial patellar luxation, hip, elbow, hock dislocations with associated Ligament injuries.  Arthrodesis.

Hip dysplasia

Triple pelvic osteotomy  (TPO ) to treat Hip Dysplasia and Juvenile Pubic Symphysidesis (JPS) to prevent hip dysplasia. Femoral head & neck excision (FHO). Total Hip Replacement (THR) by Zurich cementless prosthesis.

Spinal Surgery

Spinal contrast myelogram radiographs to locate site of spinal compression.
Spinal Surgery for Disc prolapse (“slipped disc”)- Ventral slot; hemi laminectomy; and Caudal cervical spondylopathy CCSM  ("wobblers") by distraction fusion method.
Lumbosacral disease. Atlanto axial subluxation in toy breeds


Lameness investigations/ case workups.

Pursuing on going best training, providing best care

Variety of post graduate practical training orthopaedic courses attended over the years:

Fracture repair AO/ASIF plating, Glasgow University
Fracture repair- External fixators, Glasgow University
Joint fractures & Joint disease, Liverpool University
Joint surgery- hips & stifles, Glasgow University
Joint surgery- elbows, hocks & carpus, Glasgow University
Spinal surgery- disc disease, Liverpool University
Practical small animal orthopaedics, Dr Hamish Denny
Spinal surgery, Dr Hamish Denny, RCVS Specialist in orthopaedic surgery
Arthroscopic Joint Surgery, Liverpool University
Orthopaedic skills course, Dublin University, Ireland
Advanced Spinal surgery, Prof John Innes, RCVS Specialist Surgery(orthopaedics), Liverpool University
Tibial plateau levelling osteotomy with locking plate fixation (TPLO), Royal Veterinary College, London University
Arthroscopy of elbow and shoulder joints- Prof John Innes, Liverpool University
Advanced small animal Arthroscopy- Dr Brian Beale  & Prof Donald Hulse, Texas, USA
Total Hip Replacement Zurich Cementless, S Tepic, Aldo Vezzoni, University of Munich, Germany

Advanced Spinal Surgery Course and Laboratory Orthomed Karl Kraus, Iowa State University, USA

Member of British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association (BVOA) since 1996.
Member  of European Society of Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology (ESVOT)
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Certificate holder in Small Animal Surgery
One of the first vets in the UK to be approved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London as a RCVS recognised Advanced Veterinary Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery in March 2015.

veterinary specialist spinal surgery
Advanced surgical training

Orthopaedic techniques are kept up to date with regular attendance at International orthopaedic surgical training courses by world leaders

spinal surgery fracture repair in dogs
specialist spinal surgery in dogs
spinal surgery fracture repair in dogs
Practical techniques

Practical training to ensure correct technique and consistent outcomes

spinal surgery fracture repair in dogs
Maintaining standards

Bringing orthopaedic surgery training from around the globe home to Ireland

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