Luxations/ Joint Dislocations

Hip luxations / Dislocated hip joint

Hip luxations which cannot be manually reduced are surgically opened, reduced and maintained in position with an ilio-femoral suture technique. This surgical technique is very successful in retaining the luxated hip in place and recurrence is very rare. Most dogs and cats receiving this surgical repair return to full normal function of the limb without lameness.

Hock Subluxation and Stabilisation.


This is a common orthopaedic problem affecting the hind leg of Shetland Sheepdogs and some Collie breeds. Surgery involves fusion of the subluxated joint (arthrodesis) using a plate and screw repair.

Hock instability and malleolar fracture repair.

This fracture of the lower end of the tibia or fibula shin bone results in instability of the hock (or ankle joint) in the dog or cat meaning that the animal can no longer bear weight on the leg without it collapsing. This condition can be accurately repaired by repairing the small malleolar fracture with a pin and tension band technique and reduction and stabilisation of the hock joint. Without repair of the fracture supporting this injury in a cast or bandage will not produce a successful outcome.

Ligament rupture may also produce hock dislocation. Surgical replacement of the long and short components of the collateral ligaments which support the joint can return the dog to an active life.

Carpal (wrist joint) arthrodesis

Carpal (wrist joint) arthrodesis using 3.5– 2.7mm tapered plate and bone graft. This surgery is performed after severe trauma to the carpal joint, or following palmar ligament rupture where the carpus or wrist joint collapses and hyper extends meaning the dog’s carpus joint bends excessively so it almost touches the ground. Surgery is usually very successful.

Dislocation of the stifle (knee) joint

Surgery is also carried out for dislocation of the stifle (knee) joint which is often associated with cruciate and collateral ligament rupture- deranged stifle.

Elbow & Shoulder dislocations / luxations

Elbow & shoulder dislocations / luxations can also be repaired with replacement of the collateral ligaments.


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