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Orthopaedic Referral Services

Complex fracture surgery referrals on a dog
Orthopaedic Referrals

Over the years Ewing has performed thousands of orthopaedic operations from simple to highly complex fractures, spinal surgery, joint surgery for cruciate ligament rupture, hip replacements from 2008 and was the first vet referral orthopaedic surgeon in N Ireland to provide arthroscopic key hole surgery from dogs from 2006.


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Dog with spinal disc disease before spinal surgery
Neurology & Spinal

Spinal disc disease surgery is a very common procedure in our clinic with experience in hundreds of surgery cases with good success rates. Spinal fracture surgery is also performed in selected appropriate cases.

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dog 7 days after total hip replacement
Physio & Pain control

Pain Control Management is of paramount importance to us both in terms of the surgical/ trauma period and in the post operative period. Performing the correct surgery in cases of hip dysplasia, cruciate disease or elbow disease can provide dramatic improvements in function and pain. Post op pain management and appropriate physiotherapy can aid and speed recovery. Long term medical management of painful orthopaedic conditions is provided including chronic joint disease and arthritis

Common orthopaedic conditions we encounter

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Vet Orthopaedic surgery for dogs and cats
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