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Fracture Surgery

Fracture surgery in dog shot in foot

Fractures (broken bones)

Fractures (broken bones) are repaired using a variety of techniques including plating, lag screws, pinning, linear, circular and hybrid external skeletal fixators and often a combination of these.

Surgery for broken bones is one of our most frequent procedures in cats & dogs, Utilising an array of modern techniques we aid the return of our patients to good function.


Broken bones are frequently the result of trauma and often present to us after a road traffic accident or a fall. Stabilisation of the patient may be performed first at your own clinic and then frequently following radiographs by your vet, your pet is then referred to us for surgery and aftercare.

Fractures can be repaired by a variety of methods depending on the fracture type– these include applying a plate and screws across the fracture site, a orthopaedic pin down the middle of the bone from one end to the other, and also linear and circular external fixators which are like a scaffold structure which support the bone from the outside. In severe cases we frequently use a combination of 1 or more techniques to make a stronger repair.

Articular fractures (broken bones in a joint) bring additional considerations to the repair methods used. It is essential to re-establish the articular surface congruity otherwise severe arthritis/ degenerative joint disease (DJD) will develop quickly. The most common articular fractures we see are distal intercondylar humeral & femoral fractures in young animals or Spaniels & acetabular fractures.

Meet some of our fracture patients

dog shot in foot
Ozzie's Story
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Meet Ozzie the Husky, who was referred from his own vet practice in Monaghan after he was shot in the foot in a dispute over some missing hens! Ozzie denies all knowledge of the hens, and it was later found that a few wild mink were the culprits!

His owners were delighted to hear that his multiple fractures and large area of skin and tissue loss could be treated successfully

recovery after hip luxation and multiple fractures
Meet Ash
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Fractures to pelvis & hind legs with a dislocated hip following a road traffic accident

Double front leg fractures after RTA
Harley's Story
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Double front leg fractures

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